Nerve Remedy

Zion Glory


This product assists with inflammation occurring around the nerves in the body that can cause discomfort, nerve spasms and numbness. This custom blend of essential oils mixed with mango butter, coconut oil, bees wax and other herbs delivers the best results when paired with our All Healing Rub.

Lavender & herbal scents

DIRECTIONS:  Apply desired amount to acupressure point that corresponds with the area where you are experiencing pain or nerve damage. For  acupressure points information click here. Use consistently for best results.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil, mango butter, beeswax, coriander, valerian root, rosemary, nettle leaf, St. John's Wort, passion flower and ZG blend of essential oils. 

GENERAL INFORMATION: Product ingredients are certified organic or grown in our backyard without use of any chemicals or pesticides. This product a vital tool for healing damaged nerves, getting rid of nerve pain and irritation. It is a vital part of a healthy skin care regimen because it provides full body hydration, protection from UV rays, reversal of early signs of aging and healing. For most effective results we suggest using this product in conjunction with our All Healing Rub for best results. Repeat as often as needed;  Safe for use on children at least 6 months of age & older. 

ADDITIONAL INFO:  Users have reported the reversal of long term nerve damage and regaining feeling in limbs that had severe damage when used on a regular and consistent basis. See Testimonials for more reviews.  Repeat as often as needed; if pain or discomfort continues please see your primary healthcare practitioner. Zion Glory's owners have created a YouTube guide and informational video about this product. CLICK HERE.


Category: inflammation, nerve damage, nerves, personal care

Type: Personal Care


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