Headache & Sleep Aid

Zion Glory


This product is designed to calm & soothe headaches & migraines as well as muscle tension and can be used for sinus relief and toothaches. Use before bed to function as sleep aid or in a hot bath to aid in relaxation!

Refreshing scents of therapeutic grade peppermint and gardenia essential oils, to name a few, provide the perfect blend of stress relieving aromatherapy.

DIRECTIONS: Apply desired amount to the origin of the headache/migraine in counter clockwise circles while imagining negative energies leaving your body. Follow this with clockwise circles while imagining positive energies coming into your body. Using these motions for at least a minute each will increase the healing effects of this product. To use as a sleep aid, apply to temples and around the nose using clockwise and counterclockwise motions.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil, mango butter, beeswax, extra virgin olive oil, valerian root and ZG blend of essential oils.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Product ingredients are certified organic or grown in our backyard without use of any chemicals or pesticides. This product a vital tool for relieving stress and aiding in sleeplessness. It is a vital part of a healthy skin care regimen because it provides full body hydration, protection from UV radiation, reversal of early signs of aging and healing. For most effective results we suggest using this product in conjunction with our All Healing Rub and Nerve RemedyRepeat as often as needed;  Safe for use on children at least 6 months of age & older. 

ADDITIONAL INFO:  Users have reported this product relieves the worst of migraines, toothaches, and the aromas aid in the most sleepless nights. It can also be added to a hot bath with 1lb of Epsom Salt for a auric cleansing bath! See Testimonials for more reviews.  Repeat as often as needed;  Safe for use on children at least 6 months of age & older.

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Category: headache, insomnia, pain, skin

Type: Personal Care

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