Cultivation Consultant

Cultivation Consultant

Cultivation can be tricky, expensive and time consuming when you're not familiar with growing your own cannabis. We've designed this membership to be a beam of support for those of you wanting to grow your own personal medical or recreational cannabis. Whether you're brand new at this with no research on what you're doing or an experienced grower with some unexpected crop issues, Asad is glad to help! 

Asad has been cultivating different plants and herbs since 2010 and has learned from and experienced many unique types of growing techniques and setups. Paired with over 10 years of experience in heating & air conditioning and electrical he's able to assist with everything from proper ventilation and smell control to ecoconscious growing techniques that supports Mother Earth on many levels. His experience running his own businesses since 2010 also gives him the experience to assist with budgeting for new cultivators and working with different levels of budgets to cultivate the best plants for each individual purpose. 

Our memberships include the following:

SAPLING Membership

  • 4 hours of guidance & education per month.
  • Guidance on setting up new or improved grows.
  • Best nutrient, plants and materials for new & expanding cultivators.
  • Crop Planning - budgeting, preparation & safety.
  • Electrical safety & solar options.
  • Proactive pest control & natural tips and tricks.

FINE TUNING Membership

  • 2 hours of guidance & emergency support per month.
  • Emergency support for crop & infestation issues.
  • Guidance on how to get the best yield from your crops.
  • Monthly crop check, virtual only.

Additional hours may be needed depending on the stage of development you're in and your goals for your current crop, we understand! :

  1. Extra (1) hours - $30*
  2. Extra (3) hours - $75*
*Any time over the allocated hours are billed as follows via invoice, payment must be received before additional hours are provided.


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