Bug Rub

Zion Glory


This product is designed to be a natural bug repellent & soothe insect and spider bites. Also provides hydration, itch relief, protection against UV rays and reversal of early signs of aging. For severe reactions to insect bites, we recommend pairing this product with the All Healing Rub

The earthy scent of this product aromatically prepares you for any outdoor activities!

DIRECTIONS:  Apply the desired amount before engaging in any activities that will expose you to bugs or insects. Use all over the body to use as a repellent. Apply a generous amount to bites and surrounding (swollen and red) areas to use as a bite treatment. 

INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil, mango butter, beeswax, St. John's Wort, nettle leaf, sweet almond oil and ZG blend of essential oils. 

GENERAL INFORMATION: Product ingredients are certified organic or grown in our backyard without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. This product is a vital tool for a healthy skin care regimen because it functions & supports full body hydration, protection from UV radiation, and the reversal of early signs of aging in addition to the healing properties indicated above. For best hydration we suggest using this product in conjunction with the Roots Skin Repair for best results. 

ADDITIONAL INFO: This product provides physical &  chemical exfoliation. Users have reported that the duration of the effects of this product last from 1-3 hours, reapplication may be needed if treated area comes in contact with water or it is wiped off before it completely soaks into the skin. See Testimonials for more reviews. Repeat as often as needed; if skin condition or origin of bite doesn't improve, see your primary health practitioner.


Category: bugs, personal care, skin care

Type: Personal Care


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