Zion Essentials Monthly Membership Program


We crafted our Monthly Membership Program with love and service in mind; that's been our collaborative mission since we opened and we continue to build on that! We've heard all your feedback about your love for our products so we wanted to show you how much we appreciate that support by bringing you this opportunity! 

By signing up for our Monthly Membership Program you can count on your order being delivered to your home on the same day each month. PLUS, you will receive a FREE Consultation of your choice ($40+ value!) with Cristina and/or Daniel Mooney as long as your membership is active. For a full listing of our consultation offerings to choose from CLICK HERE

Lavender Membership 

The Lavender Membership is compiled of our most popular skin care products; our Roots Skin Repair and Revival Scrub! Our Roots Skin Repair is a full body and hair oil that assists with severe dryness of the skin, dry and brittle hair and assists with hair regrowth! When this is paired with our Revival Scrub your skin literally glows! The Revival Scrub can but utilized all over the body and face and can even be used to polish your yoni eggs, leaving them with a silky layer of coconut oil for some natural lubricant!

You will receive (1) 4 oz. Revival Scrub and (1) 4 oz. Roots Skin Repair as part of this membership!

Frankincense Membership

The Frankincense Membership provides you with our top personal care products! All of the products that come with this membership work their absolute best when used together; the All Healing Rub, Nerve Remedy and Headache & Sleep Aid come with this membership! Our All Healing Rub assists with pain, open wounds and inflammation. Zion Glory's Nerve Remedy assists with reversing the effects of nerve damage, inflammation and irritation. And our Headache and Sleep Aid is much like the cherry on top! Not only does this product assist with headaches and insomnia but it can also be added to a hot batch to assist with relaxation of the mind and body!

You will receive (1) 4 oz. All Healing Rub, (1) 4 oz. Nerve Remedy and (1) 4 oz. Headache & Sleep Aid as part of this membership!

Tea Tree Membership

The Tea Tree Membership is the perfect blend of top selling Zion Glory products for maximum skin protection for all seasons! Our Roots Skin Repair will make your body and hair love you! The Revival Scrub will be your ultimate go to exfoliator that also delivers an initial layer of protection while you're bathing. Then you have the option to rotate you Lip Balm flavors each month so you can try them all!

You will receive (1) 4 oz. Roots Skin Repair, (1)  4 oz. Revival Scrub, (1) Lip Balm as part of this membership.

Coconut Membership


The Coconut Membership includes our most lusciously satisfying products in our line! Since coconut oil is one of the staples of our organic skin care line,w e saw it fitting to offer you the following products which we feel should be a staple in your home! The Headache & Sleep Aid can be used as a rub but it can also be added to your bath to add an extra boost of relaxation before bed. The All Healing Rub assists with almost every injury you can think of and our Lip Balms will leave your lips, cuticles and eye area protected and moisturized through the day! 

You will receive (1) 4 oz. All Healing Rub (1)  4 oz. Headache & Sleep Aid, (2) Lip Balms as part of this membership.

Lip Love Membership

The Lip Love Membership is for all of our wonderful customers and their youths who LOVE our lip balms!! These are primarily for the lips but you can also use these around your eyes to reverse early signs of aging, on your cuticles and inside your nose to diminish the effects of allergies! 

Each of the monthly costs below include shipping and handling of your monthly orders. If you have questions about the Zion Essentials Monthly Membership Program please contact us at info@ziongloryco.com or text/call (720) 288-8517.

Zion Glory Monthly Membership Levels