Zion Affinity Community

Zion Affinity has been founded by Asad (Daniel Mooney) and IxChel Tonantzin (Cristina Mooney) and its taken off at a rapid rate even we didn't expect! We've been creating and setting the foundation for this effort since we migrated to Colorado in 2013.  Since we left California, our soul mission has been to find our roots, live on the land of our ancestors, connect with the communities where we have direct ancestral lineage and give of our talents & resources to protect and build up those communities. We've located our roots, our ancestral tribes and we're setting off to the next major shift in our lives!! 

We have founded the Zion Affinity Community. Zion Affinity grew out of our search and overstanding of genetics and ancestry, our desire to assist people love those around them regardless of background or beliefs, and the recognition that so much of what is wrong with our society is the division this society promotes. That was something Asad and I have had in common since the day we met. We had both grown tired of people labeling us as "Black" or "Mexican" when we knew there was so much more to us than those labels, so much lost history, so much division and a lack of understanding of ourselves. 
 Our vision is that humans have the ability to overlook differences of appearance, labels, belief systems and build something beautiful together. Our founders come from 2 completely different lifestyles, different belief systems and family dynamics. But we've also found the other halves of ourselves and we know that it's possible to overcome differences when your similarities have a deeper value. 


We're excited to announce that we're opening the doors for applications for Community Memberships on August 15th!! What does that mean?
This means that if you're reading this or have met us and heard our plans and the mission, vision and location is all something that you feel drawn to or feel that you could add value and expansion to, THIS IS THE TIME! With everything going on in the world and the obvious shifts we can only see unity winning and we would love for those who feel the same way to band together and collaborate with us like we want to collaborate and assist with your personal visions too!! 

Details on Community Membership and the Application Process are HERE!


More details, stories and MORE HERE!