Zion Glory's owners have been providing event management and coordination services for 6 years. They have experience in coordinating fashion shows, networking events, fundraisers, construction and landscaping projects and many large scale events. They're able to fuse together their experience in different areas of business and trades to put together and assist the flow of many successful events! 


Our Licensed Skin Therapist, Cristina, originally started in Cosmetology school after following her love for makeup and soon realized that she was more interested in maintaining the health of the skin. Under the direction of one of the top Dermalogica instructors she learned the importance of plant based ingredients and their benefit to the health and maintenance of the skin.

By booking a skin consultation you will have the chance to learn more about organic ways to maintain your skin from someone who has worked with all skin types and shades for the past 8 years. 


Zion Glory uses the highest grade of therapeutic essential oils from Young Living for all of our products and services! Click HERE for more information about our Essential Oil Consultations. 


Coming up with an amazing idea is just the first step to hosting a smooth and profitable event; the execution is key in that success! And that's where Zion Glory comes in! Within the 6 years that we've spent building 2 businesses that consisted of event planning and coordination we're more than comfortable taking on a project any size! 

Our owners have over 7 years each working for large departments in large organizations are highly skilled in their organizational management and diverse experience in all aspects of event planning! We're constantly seeking innovative and cost-effective ways to host the most memorable events that we want to pour our hearts into! Book your consultation today!


Zion Glory has started up 2 of their own businesses and assisted with the building and restructuring of several large corporations and a number of small start-up companies. This means we have a whole lot of experience in making mistakes, fixing them and restructuring to make sure thay never happens again!

Cristina has over 10 years in Human Resources and Upper-Level Management experience that she's learned to fuse with her own style of organizational management. As a result of working for several large companies, she's learned about the importance of humility, service and morality in business. Book your consultation to start!


Many of our talents are evident in us as children and one of our talents has been with words. Since Cristina was 5 years old she's been writing and has a very unique style that allows her to capture your light, combine it with hers and really make your resume stand out in the stack! Learn more here 


We've been feeling that there are huge shifts going on and we're seeing them unfold in our life as well. Which is why we're so excited to bring you this service! Our owners have built start up companies in 2 states and relocated once so far and the detail, planning and preparation that we did for that relocation was so much more than was actually needed. But the main thing is that we know how stressful it can be to handle your day-to-day life while also juggling the planning and detail that might need to go into your relocation. 

We'd love to take some of that off your plate! Our organizational thought processes, attention to detail and efficiency is untouched! How close this is to our hearts is unfathomable, learn more here