ZG has several customer programs as well as opportunities to partnership with us as a company! When our tribe is strong, we're all strong! Read more about the opportunities here!


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One of Zion Glory's top goals this year is to create revenue opportunities for those of you who are interested in collaborating with our company. In this way we aim to pass on the shaking of fear from those of you who are interested in working for yourselves! 

Are you a regular customer? Have you spent more than $175 with us? Do you find yourself sharing your experience with our company and your products with your friends and family!? You've already met some of the requirements to become an Affiliate or Distributor with us!

This is a great way to get a discount that is not offered to the pubic while making money on your own time! Depending on the level of Affiliate or Distributor package you select you will get certain supplies and training sessions to facilitate your success! CLICK HERE to start the process to learn more information.