Mujeres Valley Campground

Mujeres Valley Campground is 13 acres of heavily-wooded, mostly undisturbed land in a remote area of New Mexico where it's common to see elk, deer, rabbits and hear the occasional coyote at sunset and dawn. Zion Glory invested in 65 acres of land and put aside 13 acres for those of you who may be interested in connection more with Mother Earth or experience what we're building for our community under Zion Affinity, seeing if you connect with the land like we did and experiencing the energy of the area. Visitors will not have access to community land but these 13 acres are beautiful! 

In addition, we have access to a private mountain within the subdivision that you can hike if you're up for it! You can learn more about how to book your visit and what amenities we have available for campers HERE.