FREE Lip Love Membership



For those of you who might still be skeptical about our products, services or quality... this is JUST FOR YOU!

Zion Glory offers a variety of Membership Programs for those of you who enjoy having all your natural skin care products on hand and ready every month! Something that comes with all of our memberships is a Monthly Skin Consultation with our Herbalist and Skin Therapist, Cristina! The value of these memberships with the Skin Consultation included FAR exceeds what we're currently charging for this membership level, $14 per month. And VERY soon our membership prices will be going up so be sure to get in on this AMAZING offer now!! No need to continue to guess or swing and miss when it comes to getting your skin to where you want it to be!
CLICK HERE to view a list of our Membership Levels and scroll all the way to the bottom to start your enrollment immediately!


For a very LIMITED TIME we are offering you the opportunity to try our Lip Love Membership FREE for one month! Completely free! All we ask is that you follow the link below, fill out the survey and we will send you a 4 Piece Lip Balm Pack and schedule you for a Skin Consultation Session for December!