FAQs About Zion Glory

Here are some common questions we get asked about our brand, product line, and overall story!

What does Zion Glory mean?

The meaning of Zion requires a little history. 
The word Zion occurs over 150 times in the Bible. It essentially means a reinforcement of strength, as the city of David and the city of God in the original Hebrew translation of the Bible. As the Bible progresses, the word Zion expands in scope and takes on an additional, spiritual meaning. 
Psalm 87: 2-3 says, “The Lord loves the gates of ZION, more than all the other dwellings of Jacob. Glorious things are said of you, city of God.” 
The Glory part comes in because, isn't it glorious that we've come to overstand our calling and it's divine purpose in the present shift in humanity!?  This might look like skin care and salves on the surface but keep reading, dig a little deeper with us...

Why did you choose that as your business name?

We chose the name Zion Glory as our company name because it was a revelation; one of those AH-HA! moments in life when everything seemed to just click. Daniel had decided to dig deeper into the lifestyle of RasTafari which sparked many deep conversations between the owners as they both grew spiritually and eventually found their life's calling in the words 'Zion Glory'.
During a time where we had found fresh soil, Colorado, and we were so ready to plant the seeds that were calling us we eventually both took the Vow of the Nazarites, loccd our hair and changed our lifestyle drastically. Long before making the change we increased our intake of fruits and veggies, cut out red meat, reduced the amount of meat we were eating and had began to research natural and herbal ways to treat our aches and pains. 
This lifestyle change is what led us to the creation of every single one of our products. The foundation that we've been building upon was planted with the calling from the Most High and we answered!

What is the purpose or meaning behind the colors you use on your packaging?

The colors on our packaging, the red, green and gold, were initially chosen because the roots that we've found in RasTafari. They symbolize the way of life that we represent that is focused on our connection with the earth and all animal, plant and human life. Although we were born here in the United States we see Africa as the motherland and beginning of creation and our focus is to make our way to each of the countries that run through our blood. But our ultimate goal is to set our roots down where we are closest to the start of creation for this next phase of the Earth. 

Is there any marijuana or cannabis in your products?

Our product line in not infused with any marijuana or cannabis. 

Why isn't there marijuana or cannabis in your products?

We don't have marijuana in our products because the licensing and set up costs to be in complete compliance with the laws are extremely costly and not created for family businesses, like ours, to create those types of products legally. That's something you'll learn about us, we like to make sure we cover all our bases and function as a legitimate business. 
There are plenty of small, home-based businesses that create their own cannabis products, that's correct. What we challenge you to consider is, how many of those businesses are at risk of going out of business due to not being in compliance with the laws of their state? Where will you go when you can't purchase their products online anymore? What are they really using to create the cannabis that ends up in your body? 
We strongly believe in the ancient, healing and medicinal uses for marijuana and believe that they will be a huge asset to us and the community in the near future. Stay tuned!!!

When you say your products are 'chemical free' or 'natural', what does that mean?

Chemical-free means that each of the ingredients used to formulate our product line come from plant matter in some form or fashion. All of our essential oils are therapeutic grade oils and all of our ingredients are from certified organic suppliers. 

Do you have more products?

All of the products that are available for purchase are listed on the website. However, we are working behind the scenes to bring you a ton of great products and we'd love to hear your feedback! By signing up (scroll down to the bottom of any website page to sign up) you can be one of the first to know when we have a new product coming out and when we're looking for people who are willing to test the products and give us honest feedback before we release it to the public! How cool is that!?
We also love to know what you're looking for and might have a hard time of finding, so let us know by contacting us!

Do you make the products or are they made at a factory?

All of our products are handmade by our Licensed Skin Therapist and Co-Owner, IxChel. She takes an significant amount of time making sure that the space they are created in is clear in terms of vibrations and energy flow, she selects specific crystals to wear and flow energy through the kitchen that is conducive of the needed vibrations for each product; she also gives a special blessing over the products after they've been poured to charge them with our unique spirit and love! 
Then, because we're a family-owned business, Co-Owner, Asad, assists with hand-labeling and tamper sealing each one of the products. Our family takes great care of your items from the time the ingredients are selected, ordered, stored and handled until the time they arrive in your hands for the purpose they were intended to serve!

Do you have any locations where we can walk into a store and buy your products? 

Zion Glory has paired with a trusted Denver business to bring the community our spiritually charged up line of personal care and skin care products! Visit our Retail Locations dropdown on the main menu to see where you can walk in and buy! And if you're interested in carrying our products in YOUR state/store, contact us HERE

Is Zion Glory safe to use on pets?

Zion Glory's products have been used on pets. However, just like people, each pet and person may have a different reaction to certain ingredients. The owners have 3 dogs and each of them prefer different products at different times and for unique uses. We've also had several of our clients use their ZG products on their pets. Since all of the ingredients are natural and from the Earth there is no inhumane pet testing but we do suggest using small amounts on a small part of the skin/fur as a test patch before putting any product all over your pet. Wait at least 30 minutes to see how that patch of skin is reacting to the product. 

Where can I buy Zion Glory products?

You can always purchase our products HERE at our online store! You can also buy products from us in person if you're able to meet at us any event! CLICK HERE for our yearly schedule of events!
If you would like to walk in to a store and pick up your favorite Zion Glory products you can take a trip and visit our exclusive product retailer, JLM Therapeutics in Denver, CO.

Are you starting a cult??

HAHA!! Seems like a ludicrous questions doesn't it?! Those of you who KNOW us, know that this question is way off they wall. However, since we've moved to New Mexico we've had the pleasure of running into some racist, lonely neighbors that can't fathom the fact that two "young" brown people could be doing anything positive. And they've been trolling our website, making up these fictional characters in their mind that they've convinced themselves we are and spreading those lies around this small town. Super smart! HAHA!
So here is the answer.... NO!!
We are in no way, form or fashion starting anything like a cult. We have established land in New Mexico for community purposes. For people who would love the opportunity to build with people who want to grown their own food, raise animals, connect with Mother Earth, help restore the water, trees and bring back the indigenous plant life we've forgotten about while connecting back with our ancestral roots. To learn more about our vision and mission with the community read more HERE.


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