Zion Affinity Community Membership

ARE YOU READY for this life changing shift?!
ARE YOU READY to come join us in New Mexico, live off the land, connect to our roots and expand!? SO ARE WE!! 
We're excited to welcome those of you that are interested in contributing to this community vision of unity and roots-centered movements! We are now accepting Community Membership Applications! In order to begin the application process an Application Fee of $50 is due via invoice. All fees collected go toward the building and sustainability of Zion Affinity as well as processing your application.
Please click the link below to send us a message and let us know you are interested in applying for the Zion Affinity Membership and we will send you a detailed breakdown of the Application Process and an invoice to begin the process. The application requires computer access for submission; if you don't have access to a computer please include that information in your inquiry form and we will make our best attempts to work with you.
To begin the process or for more information contact us HERE to begin the process!

*Note: Access to community land is restricted to members pending final membership application approval only. If you would like to visit a property close to the community land please CLICK HERE to learn about Mujeres Valley Campground and how you can visit the nearby area to get a feel for the land!


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