Photography by William Gaitian

Asad's career started long before Zion Glory LLC was even a thought. He began his HVAC career at the ripe age of 17 working for the LA Unified School District. A work-related injury quickly jolted this path to a screeching halt and eventually became the fuel & inspiration for the focus and root of Zion Glory! In 2013 we learned that he had a stage 5 rotator cuff tear easily found by a new doctor & several massage therapists. His discomfort, pain, loss of over 80 lbs. and sleepless nights were more than enough reason for IxChel to seek out holistic medicine used by our ancestors. Shortly after being married in 2012, Asad wanted to leave Los Angeles, California. The only place we've ever known was no longer a home to him and he wanted more from life for us. 

With his love for working with the land, animals and being outdoors , Colorado was the top option for the Mooney family in 2013! Eventually, we felt a calling to new territory and with all his experience we were able to upgrade the home we bought and sell it in order to make our move to New Mexico! Over the course of the last 8 years, he's held a number of vast positions related to construction, apartment maintenance, farming, addiction counseling and a load of customer service. He's always has a keen interest in handy work; as a child he would take things apart just to put them together again!

Due to his supportive, protective and encouraging nature, paired with everything else listed above, Zion Glory has been able to build so quickly over the past 6 years! We invite you to join us on our journey, stay connected and learn more about us!


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