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Zion Glory is much more than natural products, events and yoni eggs. They started off as a husband and wife looking for a natural relief from old injuries and recurring pains. In 2012 they decided to stop using prescription medicine and started researching herbs, plants and foods that served ancestral, medicinal purposes that they needed. At this point they were researching for personal use but the Universe had much more planned! In 2013 they received so request from their family and friends that tried the first generation products, the owners decided to make a business of it! After all, the path was falling in line with what they were discovering to be their passion!

As this beautiful journey was unfolding they felt called to research other forms of healing; crystal healing, reiki, plant-based diet and yoga to name a few. And the transformation that resulted from merely seeking out that information was expansive! They started hosting sister circles in Denver, traveling to other states for business and personal growth events and eventually went full time for their dreams! 
They had such a strong desire for you to get to know they that they wanted to share their individual stories with you! 

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