Protect & Purify

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This protection oil was created as a form of protection & purification for body, chakras, aura, energies, space & journeys. Assists with warding off evil or negative energies, making a way for the path of your highest purpose and protects physical spaces, purifies spaces & guides and protects spiritual journeys. All herbs, oils & crystal infusions support these purposes.

With crystal infusions from Black Tourmaline, Amethyst & Peridot paired with protective herbs & essential oils like Frankincense, Cinnamon & Marigold you'll instantly notice the collaborative effects of these earth elements work in conjunction with your highest good while protecting the unseen, unexpected & unplanned. This formula is infused with Reiki from both of our owner who have deep fire & water energies that make this oil a powerful tool of elemental energies!

This can be applied to chakras, wrists, feet, etc. or 1-2 ml can be added to water to function as space purifier spray. There is no required amount or limit on usage, this can be used as often as needed. We personally recommend implementing the use of this oil on New & Full Moons prior to any rituals or ceremonies.