Mastering the Energy of Divine Balance

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How many times have you felt like no matter how hard you tried to be positive and loving do you feel like it just isn't possible? There is a reason for that! Society has jumped on this love and light, all day, every day energy and that's just not realistic. Doesn't Mother Earth need sun and moon to thrive? Water and drought? Day and night? She does! As do we! 

These 10, 20 and 40 day mindset workshops are uniquely crafted by Zion Glory to relearn how to Master the Energy of Divine Balance while learning manifestation verbage when setting intentions. We've been working closely with the earth and animal energies around us while we adapt to living in the mountains without normal city amenities. This has given us so much clarity around the importance of mindset and balance, embracing the dark just as much as the light!

This session begins on the New Moon in Sagittarius, December 17th! Sagittarius energy manifests through enlightenment, travel and truth-seeking and makes us hungry for expansion and learning. The philosophical side of this sign also pushes us towards higher learning and seeking out the meaning of life. Those of you who are ready to rise need to tap into this energy work! It's MASSIVE!

Each of the registration levels below include:

  • (1) Protect & Purify Spiritual Oil
  • Daily Earth energy card readings
  • Daily moon void updates for potent planting
  • Daily Jupiter hours for mastering manifestation
  • Daily Yogic movements for energy flow
  • Daily re-working & building of intention(s) & manifesation verbage
  • Daily Mayan energy & astrology updates
  • Access to private Facebook group

Below you'll find the descriptions of each of the levels we have available for this program and who they're designed for:

  • Butterfly Level - The animal spirit of the butterfly is that of transformation, resurrection and represents the spirit of the dead. Have you recently felt broken or like you've hit rock bottom and are just now beginning to emerge from that pain? You may not be completely sure of your ability to commit to a full 40 day plan, and that's ok, this level is for you! For 10 days you'll receive all the products and services promised above! 
  • Hummingbird Level - The animal spirit of the hummingbird is that of the highest love medicine and brings joy to life. Have you begun focusing more on your self care or starting to take steps toward that goal you didn't think was attainable? You may be interested in challenging yourself for 20 days, this plan is perfect for you! 
  • Bee Master - The animal spirit of the bee is that of strong work ethic and balance, enough to know that we all need to stop and smell the flowers a little! Are you interested in tapping into your full Divine Power of Balance? Are you feeling like you're ready to challenge yourself to a full 40 days of mindset work, meditation and refining your brightest goals? This level is for YOU, Master of Balance!