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A Turning World Always Changes

Sometimes I look back and meditate on the last few months and I can't see where my zest for writing went. Then I look around me, my current state, my current daily activities and I see where I lost it. The disappointing part is that I do this to myself. I get so wrapped up in one thing that I don't make time to even think about the things that I love to do. Then the times that I do think about it I'm so bound to other obligations, by my own fault completely, that I "don't have time". 

My husband and I have been in the process of buying our first home and so many negative and positive things have happened that I wouldn't even know where to begin. What I can say about this period of transition is that is has brought my husband and I closer. This is my most treasured outcome. Then there are things that hang in the balance; when will my king work again? Will I get this promotion I've been verbally promised? Will we be evicted? How do people see me? 

Today I met up with a person I became friends with around 6-8 months ago, we fell out over a miscommunication and she contacted me yesterday, seemingly out of no where. Now I know, neither of us were sure about how our next conversation would go but we both went through with meeting up today. When I saw her it was as if things had never changed, even before we started talking. In the middle of all the negative things that are going on she brought a little more light to my darkness with her genuine smile and greeting. 

After speaking with my friend today I realized my own faults in the situation, I realized that what she said about how she felt I was going to respond was right and is something that needed to be improved on, I saw that this person had true and pure love for me. When she said "I didn't realized what I had when I had it" I knew that my friendship was important to her. Love you girl. 


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