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Positivity & Persistence

From February 25th to September 3, 2013 I was unemployed. Thinking back on my upbringing I realize how much of a struggle it was to allow myself not to have a job. Working for Los Angeles County was a blessing for the period of my life that I worked there and I learned many things that prepared me for this new chapter of life. Although I may not have always been happy, I see now that happiness does not come from your situation. Happiness is something that we bring into the world from what is in our hearts. I can attest to how hard it is to have joy in your heart when you feel like you're a complete outcast. But I can also attest to the amazing love that comes from finding someone just like you in the most unexpected place. My 7 month vacation ended with a job offer from CU Denver in the Medical Library. I had been working with a reiki master for a short time and when I told her about the second interview I was invited to she reminded me of how powerful my thoughts were. I was just learning about healing crystals and I learned that citrine was a stone used for manifestations. I forgot to take the stone in with me to the interview but I did not let that stop my thoughts. When I received a tour after my second interview this is what I thought, "This will be my desk", "That is where I'm going to sit", "This is the person I'm going to be supervising", "this is what I'm going to be doing everyday!". When I left the library that day I had this warmth and happiness in my heart and a feeling that the job was already mine. Then came the call a few days later. And I had to do everything in my power not to cry and scream on the phone with my new supervisor but she was well aware of how excited and happy I was to have been offered the position. At the time of the offer I was working for Massage Envy and starting to feel like that is not where I wanted to be. I've always loved giving facials and working with customers of that nature but I had been mislead about the pay and the focus of Massage Envy was not to provide customized facials it was to make the most amount of money as possible. When I started to realize this I lost my desire for wanting to go to work. Then I learned about a book that opened my whole world up! One of the massage therapists had a book called ThetaHealing and let me read it while I didn't have any clients. Because I was so new to the use of healing stones and crystals I didn't want to overwhelm myself with information. At the time I was also reading the expanded version of the Kabra Negast and I wanted to read some books we had in a certain order. With that being said, I only allowed myself to read one chapter. The chapter I chose was a chapter on guardian angels. And when I read I felt a truth in me bubble up that I couldn't ignore. I felt called to read this book. A few days later my husband received an Amazon gift card for his birthday and after purchasing some items for himself he purchased the book for me. (Sigh) That amazing man I married! I learned that ThetaHealing is a method of instant healing for anything. Seeing all this information open up in front of my face and work through my life there was no way I didn't feel called to heal when I was offered the job at the Medical Library. During my interview I was told that they had a new collection of indigenous medicine books and then I learned that we get free course credits when we work for the school. This was another big issue I had been struggling with. I know I don't get knowledge from only school but I have always wanted to have some sort of degree. How could I see all this unfolding in my life and not think that Jah set all this up perfectly for me to be a healer for him?! I do! I'm on my way to beginning courses at the college soon, my husband and I should be buying a house and new car soon, and my parents have offered to fly us back to California for my sister's housewarming party. I've never felt like I've had such a clear vision of my purpose in life until now.


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