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The Lion Comes to Life

Last night I pulled the first healing crystal that I touched out of my deep red velvet purse before I went to sleep. I felt the rigid edge of a long, bumpy stone and knew that it was Amber. Most times when I pick out a stone in this manner I'll look up my research of the stone and it's qualities so I understand the reason why I came across that stone but last night was different. My husband and I had just come home from a 2 hour emergency call and were getting ready to get to bed. So I grabbed the stone, my phone, my charger and threw them all down on my pillow while I got ready. While I was getting ready I was trying to think of how I was going to use the stone? Should I put it under my pillow? Should I put it above my pillow? Should I hold it? When I finally laid down I still hadn't decided what I was going to do with the stone but when we finally shut off the lights my left hand slid up underneath my pillow to assume it's regular position of supporting my head and my hand just grabbed the Amber. When I grabbed it I was almost positive that when I woke up it wouldn't be in my hand. While I slept I dreamt of being underwater with a lion floating in front and above me, looking lifeless. Then I saw lightning shoot across the sky from under the water, heard a huge rumble of thunder and in that very second the rumble cracked the lion came to life and an enormous roar came from her! At that same exact moment I felt a surge of life run through me and I began to wake up out of my sleep. When I finally woke up I felt the Amber still in my hand. My very first thought was that the lion was me. But since I've been studying the Kabra Negast to get a deeper overstanding of rasta beliefs and history, I've come to overstand the symbolism behind the lion. The Conquering Lion of Judah is the light of life, Zion, heaven. Once again I doubted what God was trying to show me about my purpose for this life. I put off researching because I knew I had some online trainings to do and later spoke with my Reiki Master. When I told her about my dream she explained to me that the lion symbolizes sun, gold, group, and family. Then she told me that water symbolized emotions. Then she told me that lightning symbolizes the power to bring to life and thunder, shock and cause to be awake or aware. Then she delivered a quick blow of reality and revelation to me.. She told me
"You said you were under water looking at the lifeless lion right? You do realize that you are that lion and being underwater symbolizes that you are under a great deal of emotional overload."
She then asked me if I felt like I was under a lot of emotional stress and although at the time I had the dream I assumed that I was not feeling a lot of things, I was. Yesterday I was expecting a call about an interview/job I wanted very badly and I've been trying not to worry about some other personal issues we are dealing with. The call didn't come through yesterday but something told me I just needed to be patient. Overall she revealed to me that I had a vision. Although these are not her exact words, they are my divine overstanding of my dream last night. I felt the surge of energy from the lightning and thunder through my entire body and at that very moment I felt a change run through me and I felt ALIVE when I woke up! To top it off, I got a call from the job I wanted so bad and I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! And now that I know the lion in my dream was me, I was given an undeniable surge of positive energy for a reason! After finding out I got the job I know this means that this lioness is on her way to coming to life!


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