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Seasons in Colorado

I'm happy to say that nothing that has happened to us or for us since we left California has been expected. Since we left we've been growing closer and closer to God. However, we've realized that there will be fakes and phonies no matter what state you move to. But, personally, when I'm away from my family and not always worrying about pleasing them I'm much happier. Family & friends from the past continue to show us that our happiness is not their primary interest, they don't support our decisions and overall, they don't love us like they think they do. Finding friends here has been difficult as well. For some reason most of the people we have run into are searching for that "Cali life" where they're hard or from the hood but most of the people that are from here or other surrounding states have no idea what a real hood looks like or functions like. We've come in contact with people that talk all the talk but can't finish walking, just like in Cali. So what's different? What's better? Those are easy questions to answer! What's different is the speed of life people travel at, fresh air, animals everywhere, mountain views, outdoor recreation and the ability to take a deep breath and not taste or smell smog; to take a deep breath and feel like I'm no longer suffocating. I've never been able to breath in and taste pine cones or water in the air and its refreshing! What's better? Like I said, people are generally the same in most places but my main source of happiness comes from not having to feel unimportant when people that say they love me can't make time to sit down and talk to me or plan activities with me, from not feeling obligated to go to these parties & celebrations every weekend and see my aunts & uncles dismiss me and avoid me because of my beliefs or lifestyle, from not having to feel like I'm 2nd best to everyone else around me. THAT is what makes Colorado so much better than California.    

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  • iampotassium

    I love the smell of the summer here… Mmmm pinecones… :)

    PS – thanks for liking my blog! Excited to hear more about your Colorado adventures!

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