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You Probably Won't Be Able To Buy Marijuana With A Credit Card Anytime Soon

This is a nice SPECULATION but no where near the real thing. What the state and federal government are doing it try to make marijuana users jump through hoops in order to buy parts of a plant. What some people are failing to realize is that street dealers can easily get their hands on a small device that accepts credit card payments to a PayPal or personal account from their cell phones. Not only are these ridiculous laws NOT in the spirit of legalizing a plant but they are also illegal according to God's law. You know that thing the Constitution of the United States was built on? It wasn't built out of thin air! These men believed in God and based this document off of those laws. Granted they will never be 100% accurate because that is what God created the Bible for (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth). Colorado.. Federal Government.. You will NEVER, EVER, EVER be able to tax every single flower or plant of marijuana sold. Never! It goes against God's law and if a law YOU created go against God's law, HIS LAW wins, NOT YOURS!


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