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Change is Inevitable

When my husband and I started on this journey over a year ago by entertaining the thought of moving to a state we've never been to, we never really knew exactly what was in store. We knew that the Lord was pulling on our hearts because He has a purpose for us but we didn't and still don't know exactly what is going to happen. However, we do know that throughout all of this there will be inevitable change. I've learned that sometimes I can be such a stickler about being organized that I don't welcome change. We made tons of detailed plans and tried to be as organized and proactive as possible with this move but I learned that no matter how much we plan there is no way we can cover, or think of, every hypothetical scenario. Over the last couple of weeks my husband and I have been receiving blessings left and right, some which we planned for and some that came with a change of heart and a deeper connection to God. Now I love to listen to my husband learn how to play the guitar even though we planned to get a whole system to be able to make beats and record music. Now we have over $7,000 saved for the purchase of our first home, whereas when we left California we had a very limited amount of money available to us. Now I realize that money buys convenience not need because everything we need God put on Earth for us when He created everything. And since the "evolution of mankind" all man has tried to do is profit off of something we do not own. We don't own this house because God owns the land. We don't own this land because God is the Creator. Realizing all this made me a million times more grateful for everything  He has blessed us with; tons of conveniences on top of all our needs. Learning all this is like a spoonful of sugar to sweeten the taste of inevitable change and demise. So now my purpose is greater. When I left California my purpose was to be a growing and learning new wife, a responsible woman, a homeowner, a mother, and an overall improving person. But now that I've come to this realization of change and inevitability I want to focus more on leaving behind a legacy that honors God and all His truths for the generations that are coming after us. Everyday I realize more and more that we are living in a dying world and God's judgement is coming soon so I pray that if I live to experience judgement day that He forgive me and take me home the first time and if I don't then I pray that He give me the strength to be the leader I wasn't in the first place and be a soldier in his army. Change may be inevitable but I can make it positive. Change could bring pain and sorrow but the transformation that comes from change can be used to glorify the King. So if change is inevitable then my mission in life has been declared. You don't know all that I hold in my heart, but you will soon.  


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