Faith > Satan

February 20, 2013 0 Comments

Last Friday I got paid, gave my entire check to rent, then got a letter saying I had a "failure to appear" and there was a hold on my license. I damn near lost my mind over the constant struggle to get by in this state and there it was, nipping at my heels as I run toward a dream! And just to spare yall the extensive details, my long weekend was rough. I might always promote having faith but I've never said it was easy and the notice on Friday was not only a test but a blessing. While watching The Marley Africa Road Trip I heard Ziggy Marley say "Everything that happens is for a reason." And that truth didn't hit me until today when my husband and I met a lawyer with ADD willing and offering to give away free advice to someone standing next to us. After we were done getting our license cleared we sat and spoke with him for about 30 minutes and discussed many of the same issues and also educated us and offered us assistance with my husband's LAUSD harrassment problem. I love the way God works in our lives. As I sit here watching a thriller movie set in Colorado! Haha I love the Lord's sense of humor and confirmation of His plans!

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