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Daily Post: My Favorite(S)

Today's Daily Prompt is entitle My Favorite and this is the the challenge:
What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.
This is a pretty easy challenge, unfortunately I'll have to do a two-part answer. The most time I've spent away from my husband since the day I met him was one day and one night. A couple of months ago he was employed with a DirecTV sales company that has conferences in different locations. Since he was "accidentally" left out of participating in the first two conferences he was invited to go to Dallas, Texas. Which upset me being that I'm a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan and I've never been to the old or new stadium. My 2nd favorites that I've been away from, at the most, for a week when we visited Colorado, are my dogs Nala and Snap Shot. My girls are my joy and it killed me to be away from them for so long but dogs weren't allowed at the time share we stayed at. They were so happy to see us when we got back! [gallery type="rectangular" columns="2" ids="589,590,591,592,593,594" orderby="rand"]


  • mrsmooney27

    Right!? I told my husband and he thought I was exaggerating until we got there!

  • seeker

    It’s hard to leave pets behind for they are part of the family.

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