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Daily Prompt: Kick It

Today's Daily Prompt from is
What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?
 Guess I'm going to be adding "Create a bucket list" to my list of goals for 2013. If I were to make a list off the top of my head I guess this is what it would be:
  1. Learn to ski
  2. Go white water rafting
  3. Go to St. Ann's, Jamaica (where Bob Marley was raised)
  4. Go to Ireland
  5. Go to Canada
  6. Go to Japan
  7. Own a huge pack of rescue dogs
  8. Adopt children
  9. Go on a vacation with my grandfather
  10. Get a tattoo of my husband's face
  11. Have a grand piano in my house that I play regularly
Whew!! That took me a while to think of all those. But the last one was the hardest but the most obvious. A few months ago my husband bought me a picture of a man playing a piano. For those of you who don't know me, I used to play piano when I was between 7 and 13 years old. My instructor was a horrid old lady who had no patience and she tuned me all the way off on music. Yet every Christmas when I would visit my Uncle John, Nina and cousin Cassie for Christmas I would always find myself looking for a reason to linger around their grand piano in the room with the tree and gifts, which lets face it was pretty easy. Soon enough it was a tradition for me to head over to the piano and entertain everyone in the next room while I maintained some of my sanity away from my family, lost in the music and amazement that I retained everything that horrible teacher taught me.
I'm glad for #11 and I'm so grateful for WordPress sharing this prompt. Even more grateful that so far I've stuck to my goals of writing and reading everyday! Good night everyone!

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  • seeker

    A grand piano , can I sit and listen to you play?

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