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Weekly Writing Challenge: Wrap it Up!

After careful thought and deliberation I've decided to participate in this weeks Weekly Writing Challenge: Wrap It Up . I was extremely tempted to write about the most unfortunate places my dogs have pooped but I can't think of anything worse than on my lap and I'd rather not relive that moment in time haha!
My topic for this end-of-the-year blog is: The Top 10 Lessons 2012 Has Taught Me
1) Live to please God because He is above all things. 2) Speak your mind even if it offends people, but there is no need to be disrespectful. 3) Make an attempt to understand other people when arguing. 4) Don't accept information from anywhere without doing your own research. 5) I love Bob Marley, Rastafari's, and dreads. 6) You can't force people to care about you. 7) Family has nothing to do with blood. Family is people who are there for you when you need it and people who respect your mind and spirit no matter how different it is from them. 8) My husband is the best friend I've ever had in my entire life, after Christ. 9) I love the cold, snow and COLORADO! 10) And last but far from least, once a couple is married they become their own family, one unit. When that happens all old traditions die and new traditions are born. I had a lot of fun doing this post. But realistically, there is no way one post could wrap up 2012... EXPECT ANOTHER SOON!!!


  • mrsmooney27

    They really are! It was our first time in the snow and we loved it!

  • seeker

    and #10 are the best wrapping, ever. I don’t know about Colorado. Been there during snow season on one of my retreats. Snow in October. Unless I am a winter bunny, I will visit again.
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