Time to Study Hard!!

December 04, 2012 0 Comments

Contrary to most of our families preconceived notion that my husband and I are poorly prepared for this migration to Colorado, my husband and I are preparing everyday! This week I'll be spending most of the week away from my blog in order to study for a promotional opportunity at my current job. Even though I might leave before I get offered a higher level position I will remain on the list for one (1) year. In addition, I'm able to return to my position within two (2) years. On top of that, I've applied for five (5) promotional positions and all I have to do is score really well on this test and the same score will be applied to all those five (5) positions. So I've printed all the practice tests and I'm ready to start studying my little heart out. Even though I wish I could study all day and night I still have to prepare our home for our moving sale this weekend in an attempt to make some money for our move to Colorado. Keep it moving everyone! Do what makes you happy as long as it is the Lord's plan for your life!

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