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Daily Prompt: Dear Ashly

I'm writing this post as part of the Daily Prompt: Audience of One, enjoy. Dear Ashly, I know we never got the chance to really know each other but I know so much about you. I know how much you gave some people a reason to live, I know how much your brother loves and misses you, I know how much inspiration you gave everyone you met. I'm sorry you had to go through any pain at all in your life. I'm sure you know but there were tons of people willing to take all that pain from you at a moments notice. Your brother and I talk and remember you all the time. Just yesterday we were saying that it's hard to talk about you for very long because the emotions of missing you begin to build in our eyes so quickly. I don't know if you remember the last time we visited you in the hospital before you were called home, but your brother and I remember it all the time. That day, no amount of words could have explained everything your eyes said to your brother while he stood over you crying, helpless and in misery over seeing you suffer. We know you are with God watching over us and playing with our children and we look forward to the day the Lord blesses us with a little girl we can name after you. Love you.  

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