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Exercise The Mind

For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to use this blog to exercise my writing skills. Since I was a small girl my mom used to give me books and notebooks to read and write in and I LOVED it! I remember reading and writing being a major part of my life up until I graduated high school. But when I got into college I was more concerned about seeing the world I had been so sheltered from my entire life that I looked up from my journals and books and went out to see the world I never saw. Now that I have this unfulfilled feeling that has pushed my family and I to decide to relocate to Colorado I've been searching for the additional reasons why I might feel unfulfilled. After being 100% realistic with myself I've realized that I miss writing. I miss reading. I miss that time I used to take to let my mind run wild, see its own pictures not pictures that people decide to show me like on TV and in the magazines. Because realistically I don't like looking at those pictures, the ones I see in my mind are much more interesting! Haha! While reflecting this morning I remembered when we used to do writing exercises in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. I remember excelling so well! Teachers always told my parents that I never had any problem in writing or reading because it came so easily to me. So I Googled "writing exercises" and jotted down my 10 favorite ones. The first one I tried was free writing. I've been doing my own version of this for the past week but it seems like I mostly just vent off what I'm talking about with my husband so this morning I decided to write (type)  without stopping and I believe I finally came up with a topic to write about for my first short story in a long time! Stay tuned!


  • mrsmooney27

    Thank you so much! Believe it or not that inspires me to give it my all so much more!

  • Sandra

    Loved writing as a child and teenager. I used to write to escape. Then my life got busy and now, at the age of 55, I am writing again. Don’t give up. I hope to make a name for myself as an author in the next couple of years, but I left it way too long. If you need anyone to bounce idea’s off, let me know. I too live in Colorado.

  • seniorhiker

    I look forward to hearing more about your short story.

  • mrsmooney27

    Is that anywhere near Bear Lake? We’re going there to meet up with someone else that’s from Evergreen.

  • Sandra

    I live in Franktown, which is south of Denver. Its a tiny community on Highway 83 halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs. I have lived here for about 15 years and in Colorado since 1995, when I moved here from England.

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