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Patiently Waiting for Colorado

The closer it gets to actually being able to get on the road and GO the more blessings are coming our way. We've had a rough couple of days with "things" in general but the small blessings have far outweighed the negatives! Yesterday I got an itch to check my vacation time at work and when I checked I had an extra 3 hours of vacation time to use! Our initial plan was to leave at noon, stop in Hesperia to visit one of my husband's uncles he hasn't seen in a very long time then get on our way. However, November 6th is the election and in an attempt to bring in some extra income I volunteered to work the election as a Director. So my Nov. 6th is going to be from 5 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Then I planned on going in to work from 8 a.m. to 12 noon, picking up my husband then going to Hesperia. But with this extra vacation time I'm going to use it to get some more shut eye before our 20+ hour road trip. Then I remembered that my aunt booked our time share in Estes Park, CO until November 14th (wheels turn in my head). I know we can't stay until the 14th because I have to come into work but with my extra vacation time I can take the 14th off and spend it sleeping and revitalizing for work on the 15th! Small adjustments that make a world of difference! I'm so thankful and blessed that the Lord ALWAYS picks the perfect moments to show us that He is taking care of us and has our best interest in mind. Yesterday was the last day of the "teens" in our Colorado Countdown! We're now at 12 days, less than 2 weeks!!!AHHH!!!!


  • Stephanie

    You must be so excited!! My husband and I moved three times in 14 months and every time as it got closer and closer there really was this sense of “COME ON!!!!!” but there was nothing we could do but hurry up and wait. It makes it so worth it though!

  • mrsmooney27

    We are!! Its so hard to not look at the time and not want the days to fly by! Its like the more you pay attention the slower the days go! I just want to go out there and STAY! haha

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