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When we moved to Colorado in 2012 we caught, and continue to catch, so much heat for coming right when it was legalized for recreational use. If we're not hearing it from the "natives" then we're hearing it from people who live in California, where we're from. Bottom line is that yes we appreciate a certain plant that was created right along side a lot of other medicinal plants when the Earth was created. Now that we've got that all cleared up, I'm thoroughly disappointed in legalization. For the last 2 years I've seen so many stories of people being...

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My last post from January spoke about fear and how I've let it hold me back for so long. Throughout the closing of this chapter in my life I've realized that I let fear dictate so much of my life up until now. I've been working for a certain employer for the past few years and over the last 2 years I've had every action, minute, emotion, tone, and word picked apart, scrutinized and dissected. I went through my phases; stress, anger, frustration, sadness and relief. The whole environment was toxic. Toxic to my health, energy and I had to...

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Only by venturing into the unknown are we able to discover parts of ourselves that have only resided in our darkness.

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  Knowing your worth is one thing. Moving in your worth is a whole different kind of challenge. I'm now noticing that although I'm aware of and clear about my worth in the business world, I don't always act and move in accordance with what I'm saying I believe. I realized that I'm working my intentions in a half ass manner. I'm claiming that I'm making $XX,XXX amount of dollars a month but I'm here at this job that doesn't pay me anything close to what I'm worth. Let's flashback to 3 years ago. I quit my job at LA County...

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Source: January 2nd 2016 Energy of the Day : Green Man

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