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Zion Glory


This product is know for calming & soothing any kind of ache or pain; menstrual cramps, back pain associated with menstrual cramps, sprains, neck pain, muscle pain, bruises, cuts, scars and more! This product pairs well with our Bug Rub, Nerve Remedy and Headache & Sleep Aid

Warm herbal scent. 

DIRECTIONS: Apply desired amount to any area in pain and massage into the skin.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil, mango butter, beeswax, tumeric, cayenne pepper and ZG blend of essential oils. 

GENERAL INFORMATION: Product ingredients are certified organic or grown in our backyard without use of any chemicals or pesticides. We consider this product a vital ingredient of a healthy skin care regimen because the ingredients support full body hydration, protection from UV rays, and the reversal of early signs of aging.

WARNING: This product contains cayenne pepper. Wash hands after use or keep away from eyes. 

ADDITIONAL INFO: Product will take effect within 5-10 minutes; keep in mind that this time varies on each person. Users have reported pain relief that lasts between 3 and 12 hours. Best results when used consistently and paired with our Nerve Remedy. Repeat as often as needed; if pain persists see your primary health practitioner. See Testimonials for more reviews. Repeat as often as needed;  Safe for use on children at least 6 months of age & older. 

Collections: Top Sellers

Category: pain, personal care, skin care

Type: Personal Care

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