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Meet Charly Bliss, her entire family is a Zion Glory family including her fur babies!!


The lip balm was my favorite because I have a hard time finding the perfect one to use and this has by far been the best. Smooth and no residue. The headache rub kept every headache I had away, I even used it on my jaw for a tooth ache! - Eddie -

 The headache rub is awesome. I have been experiencing headaches almost daily. A little rub goes a long way! I use it at night before I go to bed to help relax my body. - Sandra -

 The lip balm is great!!! Move over Burts. It's refreshing and I love the fact it's not greasy. - Will -

I'm really enjoying using it [Roots Skin Repair]. I'm using it mostly on my hands and it's soft scented, fast absorbing and leaves your hands soft and smooth. Thumbs up! - Vanessa -

  The Strawberry [Lip Balm] is amazing!!!!! I use these over my other chapstick 100% of the time!! - Sharice -


I used it all over. I love the fact that it's not greasy but feels super moist. My skin looks like it's glowing! -Amber-



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