What's In Your Cannabis?

March 29, 2016 0 Comments

When we moved to Colorado in 2012 we caught, and continue to catch, so much heat for coming right when it was legalized for recreational use. If we're not hearing it from the "natives" then we're hearing it from people who live in California, where we're from. Bottom line is that yes we appreciate a certain plant that was created right along side a lot of other medicinal plants when the Earth was created. Now that we've got that all cleared up, I'm thoroughly disappointed in legalization. For the last 2 years I've seen so many stories of people being hospitalized from marijuana; some people, in my opinion, got a little too high; it happens. But these stories about people being hospitalized because companies or growers that have state certifications, that are approved by the standards of the government, who decided they were going to use unapproved pesticides anyways. As a small business owner that has the knowledge and skill in my household to grow truly organic and pesticide-free marijuana, that's frustrating because all it shows is a lack of skilled growers and a lack of honest business owners. To top it off, I know how to use marijuana in our company product line of all natural personal and skin care products but until now we haven't had the money to invest in all of the fee's and licenses required by the state to use them. Then I go through my timeline on certain social media accounts and I see smaller businesses, startup businesses, advertising that they have cannabis infused products. So I do my research and half of these companies, if not more, don't even have their business names registered in their state, let alone pay city, state and county taxes. As a business owner who values doing things the right way and still not fully subscribing to the system that the government is set up, I feel like, if the government can't fully implement a law or process that it shouldn't be implemented. That sort of goes back to something my parents taught me, "The lazy man works twice." So the purpose for my rant today is to make you, a cannabis consumer or user, aware that your safety when ingesting cannabis in any form is your own responsibility. If you're not growing it on your own then you should be purchasing from someone who is a responsible grower or seller. Be diligent about your research and don't simply sign someone, or a company, off as meeting your standards just because they have a certification from a government entity. If you haven't learned anything about from the incidents and recalls that have been happening know that your well-being is your responsibility first! Do you research and learn what truly organic growing is. Then research these dispensaries, read the labels on your cannabis and if doesn't meet your standards, GO WITHOUT! It's not worth ingesting harmful chemicals into your body just to chase a high.

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