Moving in Your Worth

January 05, 2016 0 Comments

  Knowing your worth is one thing. Moving in your worth is a whole different kind of challenge. I'm now noticing that although I'm aware of and clear about my worth in the business world, I don't always act and move in accordance with what I'm saying I believe. I realized that I'm working my intentions in a half ass manner. I'm claiming that I'm making $XX,XXX amount of dollars a month but I'm here at this job that doesn't pay me anything close to what I'm worth. Let's flashback to 3 years ago.
I quit my job at LA County after working there for 7 years and I did that because I was convinced that there was something bigger and better for me in Colorado.
I made the conscious leap to go after that belief. We wanted to buy a house when we got out here and we knew that we would be fighting an uphill battle working for ourselves and trying to get approved for a house so I made my focus getting a "secure" job. The first 7 months here in Colorado taught me patience and trusting in Divine timing. But during that time I also learned to go inward and focus on myself. When I got this job, I put 200% into everything I did. I was grateful for the opportunity to work in a medical library since I love books and due to the nature of our business I knew that I would be surrounded by all the wisdom in these books. Things and people changed within my workplace, as they do, and the changes were not in my favor. So lately I've caught myself saying things to myself like "I need this job until..." Those words are not in alignment with what I want my reality to be. So my message for those of you reading this is, make sure that your words and thoughts are aligned with what you really want. Only then can your actions move in your worth.

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