Do What You LOVE!

October 22, 2013 0 Comments

All my life I've been taught to think rationally, weigh the consequences, and put family first. And when I found it hard to put these things into practice in my own life was when the people who tried to instill these things in me weren't walking the walk. I never thought there would come a time in my life where I would feel the need to break away from the pack. When my mom told us all she had breast cancer a few years back I thought of all the nights the year before that I stayed awake, crying. Because I knew that one day she would no longer be here and I was going to miss her. But through that struggle she was the ultimate example of how to fight through anything

There comes a time in every person's life when we have to go after what we love to do. I never thought, growing up, that I would want to travel, because my family liked to stay in one place and I couldn't see myself being far from them for very long. Yet here I am, sitting at a computer in Colorado with none of the family I grew up with, making the things I love to do HAPPEN! And I've realized that I have always wanted to travel. I love ancient artifacts, hidden caves, ancient pyramids, holy forests, and so many other things that are not accessible to me in the the United States. I want to see the pure shores off Jamaica and I want to migrate to Sheshameme. 

Through the course of pursing your dreams and what you love to do you will discover more and more truth about yourself, no matter how crazy it sounds to everyone else. I've learned to be open to and have adopted beliefs in things I never thought I would believe in growing up; healing hers, healing stones, the afterlife, immediate healing, miracles, meditation, reincarnation, past lives, teleportation. Just to name a few. I've learned things about the past before I was born and who I was before. I've learned by purpose is to heal and to guide with God's burning light. Something I fought and fought living where I grew up at, California. 

This is the beauty of going after what your heart loves. You discover who you really are. I've discovered who I and I really am. Not the girl everyone wanted me to be but the person that I'm called to be. Something you can not change and who I and I am is one of them. I've flourished and I and I no longer feel lost or like I'm just living this endless day to day monotony humans like to now call life.

Who ever happens to read this, don't just live day to day. Any day spent doing something you don't love to do is a waste of your time. No matter how much you get paid! If your not doing what makes you come alive, your dying.   

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