Being Ready Doesn't Matter

May 07, 2013 0 Comments

I've been out if work for a week or eight now and I was ready to start working after just two weeks. It was enough time to get our basic relocation things done and I had a few offers but chose something that wasn't what I felt was for me. Although I'm so happy that my husband has started working all of our house buying plans are on hold until I get my first paycheck. I've always heard my dad say "I was born ready!" When we called out to him and I had a moment like that JUST now. I want to buy this home and get started with getting into our new life and I can always feel myself over anxious and stressing. When I heard my dads voice and saying want to come out of me my very next thought was quiet and a sense of relaxation came over me as I heard myself tell myself that it isn't God's time for me yet. Then I thought, all this stress and worry is going to be laughed at one day! I'll look back at this from the job of His choosing and think "Wow Tina, you still had doubt after all He's blessed you with! Now look where your at!" Patiently waiting for that day!

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