Snow In Spring

April 15, 2013 0 Comments

It's so funny to see all the Colorado natives in an uproar over the snow today. Yes it's spring but I'm so glad it's still cold and snowing. My husband and I aren't ready to feel heat again after leaving California a month ago but we are prepping for all the outdoor activities! We want to go fishing, hiking, camping and rafting! They would all be a first for me and my husband will get the chance to be my teacher. We are so blessed to have been able to get everything we needed for our new life in Colorado over the last two weeks! Now we're prepared to be able to sit in the house and not be bored or hungry and not want to leave because of the snow! Haha I've been making progress on my first manuscript and I'm glad I've decided to focus all my energy on getting a full time administrative position and writing my book! Have a blessed Monday everyone! Remember to be thankful for all the Lord's blessings. RASTAFARI!!

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