I'm Still Here, Just Snowed In!

March 23, 2013 0 Comments

Haven't had a chance to upload my pictures from our migration yet but I'll get to it soon. We're still getting settled and have jobs lined up to start soon! Thank God bridges were repaired with our families before we left. It felt amazing to sit down with my sister in law and my nephew and get through all the issues and still be family. It was bittersweet but more sweet to have had the chance to see everyone we got to see before we left! Colorado is amazing! We now live in Aurora and we're currently sitting in the middle of a snow storm. No tv, no music. We've found peace with the sound of the burning fire and our laughter and watching the snow build up on the world around us. Everything we have been waiting to come through is on its way and the Lord is taking care of us. We have a 6 month plan in place and now we get to do what we love and LIVE! It feels great to have freedom and to 100% go after what we love to do. I've been spending most of my time studying for the life and health insurance exams. I passed the life but I need to retake the health portion but I know everything that happens is God's plan! Not technically snowed in butnits fun shoveling through it to get the car cleared off.

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