Dream Teasers

February 12, 2013 0 Comments

Lately, I haven't dreamed at all. But last night I dreamt of leaving California and thought it was the 28th when I woke up. It brought my spirits down just a little when I realized my room wasn't packed up and our bed is still here. I'm sure to others these next 2 weeks will fly by but to us they are moving too slow. I'm hoping that all the dinner dates, get togethers, packing and donating help the time pass quickly. The only thing I can't seem to speed up is my work day. Although this problem didn't just start its got me at my wits end. I'm so excited to work somewhere new, learn new things, and meet entirely new people. I really want to find a writer's book club or a regular book club when we get to Aurora. This move is more than just one thing I've wanted to do and this is the time to make it count! I've always wanted to be published and I will be. People growing up always telling me I couldn't be a writer because there is no money in it; those people are my mission. I will prove them wrong. Not about the money but about being a writer; I can be anything, do anything and be anyone I want to be. That's a lot of freedom for a sinner. My redemption will be bringing the Lord's light to people reading and living in the dark!!

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