Family Time Before We Leave

February 10, 2013 0 Comments

Today is my cousin's 16th birthday and I've been honored with the responsibility of bringing her favorite dish of mine so far, Creamed Spinach! Its a small gesture but over the past three years I've realized that when people enjoy the food I cook it brings me joy. I've been blessed with an amazing guinea pig that tried everything I've ever made. And at times like these, times where farewell is for more than a week or two, I want to show and share as much of myself as possible. Not just with the people I love but with everyone I meet. Over the next few weeks my ppsts may be scarce like they have been, you'll have to bear with me. My husband and I have been tying up all our lose ends, donating our things, filing our taxes, packing up.what wr are taking, scanning papers, throwing things out... WHEW!! Just writing all that tired me out and its still not everything. Today we are at 15 day left at my job and 18 days until we set out to migrate to Colorado. Although our destination is Fort Collins we will be moving to Aurora for 6 months and pray that it is the Lords plan fornus to close on a house by the end of the lease. Either way we're excited and as prepared as were going to be. I'll miss the fsmily I have here but when I thonk about the sadness I'll feel, I think of the Intro to Alicia Keys last album, The Element of Freedom:
And the time came where the risk to stay tightly closed and a bud was greater was more painful than the risk it took to bloom

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