Light at the End of a Tunnel

January 18, 2013 0 Comments

Most times caring about people can carry a heavy load & sometimes failing to follow your heart can carry an even heavier load. Up until recently I've been carrying a lot of loads. Today I realized those loads have caused me to become so guarded I've shut down to help. But all that is winding down to a beautiful end and exciting beginning. Colorado Tunnel As the days go by our apartment is becoming more and more bare, like when we moved in and our donation corner is growing. We've found somewhere to live and now it's just a matter of waiting, updating resumes, applying to jobs, and saving. I feel so relieved but still a little conflicted. I've never wanted to disappoint my parents but I've been so different from the beginning and I can't help but follow my heart and get our family started where we think our future children would flourish the most. I'm so excited for the new lessons, people, places and blessings to come our way!  

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