Evil's Favorite Day of the Week

January 13, 2013 0 Comments

Since I've been with my husband I've noticed an embarrassing pattern of arguments, irritation, drama, you name it on Sundays. As soon as the issue has passed I feel so much shame because I haven't been able to stop, pray and change the direction of evil and negativity. As a believer in God I understand that Sunday has been deemed a holy day in recent culture. So it makes sense that satan would be most active with his earthly angels today. Yesterday I realized that I left the only charger that charges my new Verizon Commando at work. Since the phone won't charge using the charger or USB cable it came with, as of last night, I've been out of a phone. I thought it was charging for a little while I was dreading my husband's hair but I was wrong. So this morning when I woke up and reached over to where phone usually sits next to my bed and realized it wasn't there because it was dead, I became instantly irritated  I'm not going to address how sickening my need for technology and social media has overrun my life. I know it's an issue people I'm working on it. As I began to research the issue for the first time today I realized that this is a regular issue with this phone. Irritation builds. I attempted to reach a representative through Verizon's Online Chat but they just want to sell you service. At this point I remember reminding myself not to get worked up, It's Sunday Tina don't let him get to you like this. So then I decided that we would just stop by a Verizon store before going to a family BBQ this afternoon. All of their stores don't open until 11 a.m. on Sundays. My face fell to a blank stare. After being a little irritable and short with my husband over this stupid phone not charging I realized I was being childish. Now I've got my old Droid on the charger and I'll be using this until I can get my Commando "upgrade" charged. Life is to short and sweet to spend time pissed off over a phone that won't charge, a company that won't stand by their products, or people I don't know on Facebook getting an attitude with me over my opinion. I've got a move to Colorado coming up in precisely 47 days, a new beginning, and an amazing husband and family. Jah has obviously blessed me with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. With these tools I can learn and help others, what more to life is there? This reminds me of someting Bob Marley once said, If my life is just me and my security me no want it. Have a blessed day everyone. Not just because it's Sunday but because today you will be given millions of opportunity to help people.  

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