Missing Colorado's The Egg and I

January 05, 2013 0 Comments

When we returned from Colorado I was so excited to post a review about a lovely little restaurant called The Egg and I that my husband and I discovered while visiting Estes Park for my birthday. On the crisp cold night of November 11th we searched the book provided to us by the time share we stayed at for food. We came across The Egg and I and looked them up on Google Plus, got to read tons of amazing reviews and I knew exactly what I wanted to do for breakfast on my birthday! The next morning we had the most amazing experience! We loved the atmosphere, the food and the prices. Later we found out that is actually a franchise and that there are absolutely none in California, the heartbreak. Although it did spark an interest in opportunity we were sad that once we left Colorado we were going to be leaving our favorite breakfast spot ever! [gallery type="rectangular" columns="1" ids="244,241,246,247" orderby="rand"]  

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