Blessings of Christmas Eve

December 24, 2012 0 Comments

After all the back and forth with my family about the plans for this year, my parents, husband and sister are having a quiet private dinner together. Although I love seeing the rest of my family, all the drama was taking away from the holiday spirit for me and my family. So far I've had to beat my mom out of the kitchen with a hot skillet because she freaked out over me putting a splash of lemon juice in my version of Creamy Cheese Spinach. Now I'm sitting in my own reclining chair with the warmth of the fire on the left side of my face. As I breathe in the aroma of pot roast and dill potatoes and my husband adds wood to the fire we're all laughing at tv shows. These are the feelings and memories I wanted to have before we left to Colorado. And I may not be with my whole family today but I will be seeing a majority of them tomorrow morning for gifts and tamale breakfast! Times like these I can feel the love of God surrounding my everyone move. Because not only are we here making these amazing memories but we also received some unemployment money just in time to buy all our cousins gifts! Merry Christmas and Christmas Eve yall! Remember to stay appreciative of everything The Lord has blessed you with this holiday and never stop giving.  

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