Daily Prompt: Mooney Time Capsule

December 10, 2012 0 Comments

Diving into today's Daily Prompt: Time Capsule early since I need to get to studying for my promotional exam on Wednesday!
The year is drawing to a close. What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?
2012 was a real eye-opener for Daniel and I, we learned a lot of lessons about the importance of being honest and real, real and respectful, family as opposed to blood relatives and the importance of actively seeking the truth in the world. Those lessons are the lessons that I would love to put in a time capsule. But there are also some other items I'd like to include:
  • A copy of mine and Daniel's Marriage License.
  • The pictures we took at the Norwalk Courthouse during and after our ceremony.
  • The e-mails from my sister-in-law that furthered the split from Daniel's family.
  • The voice mails from my mother-in-law when she told my husband that when I left him high and dry there would be no family for him to go back to.
  • The poster a friend printed for our Engagement Party with the signatures and messages from everyone who took the time to attend.
  • The Jamaica colored bracelet my husband and I found in my car the day after we learned the true beliefs and practices of real Rastafari's.
  • A copy of Marley, the Bob Marley Documentary.
  • A copy of Beauty for Pleasure's business plan since we decided to discontinue the use of that business name.
  • All our pictures from Colorado
Some of the items may raise the question "Why even bother holding on to that? Why not just let it go?" And my answer would be, because I want my children to know how people really treated us. My husband and I have seen that family will stab you in the back while they're smiling in your face then when you ask, they lie to you while looking you dead in the eye and don't even flinch a muscle. Deception like that can only come from a corrupt spirit and a rotten heart and I want my children to see the people in our family for who they really are. Mainly because my husband and I know first hand that given the chance, they will lie to save the truth of their own secrets. My husband and I dealt with our own lies and secrecy before we got married and started our marriage off with a clean sheet. We want to pass on that lesson to our children and let the people who are seeing us walk our journey know that lying and deception is not something we welcome in our life, it's not something that we promote and it's something that can hurt the people who care about you the most. Although 2012 carried a lot of anger, frustration, stress, heartache and sadness but we can't deny that there have been good times. Those good times and happy memories came as a result of all the negative things that happened to us in 2012. Because this year we got married, learned that its me and you against the world, and started to establish OUR life the way WE see fit for the future. Deciding to move to Colorado before we even had the chance to visit was the biggest decision we've made all year and I can honestly say it feels like the best one yet. This year we became our own family, with our own standards, our own agenda, our own plans and nothing ever felt so good. A woman doesn't get to marry every year. The best thing that has happened to me in 2012 was marrying the man my dreams couldn't even dream up because he is that GREAT!

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