Becoming a Writer

December 06, 2012 0 Comments

The first area I ever wanted to major in when I graduated high school (2004) was Journalism. After my mom told me there was no money in journalism she convinced me to major in nursing since I care a lot about people. My second choice was Cosmetology but bringing that up went even worse, my mom flat-out refused to pay for those classes. So it was either Nursing or Psychology. After I chose nursing I dropped out after the introductory class, I knew there was no way I could poke people with needles and see blood and gore on a regular basis. Yes I care a lot about people but I didn't want to do it that way. So I switched to Psychology. That lasted about one semester before I wanted to change my major again. Finally, in 2007 I was spent on switching majors every semester. I went to my parents and told them again that I wanted to do Cosmetology. After their adamant response or refusing to pay I let them know that I was going to go to school for it whether they helped me to pay for it or not. Two years later I graduated with an AA in Esthetics and in 2009 I pasted my California State Exam and became a Licensed Esthetician. Despite those accomplishments, I never stopped writing poetry. So many memories that my mom shares with me from my childhood include sitting me down somewhere with a book or a notepad and a pencil and not hearing a peep out of me. She even has some short stories I wrote when I was in grade school. As a result, there has always been this desire in me to get some of my work published. As much of a research buff I am I've never researched how to get published or even attempted to write a short story until now. I'm proud to say that I'm attempting to write a series of children's books about my dogs, Nala and SnapShot. They've very animated and full of so much personality that I figured at the very least this would be a writing project that will get me back into the writer's mentality, something I haven't assessed since I graduated 8th grade in 2000. When I first signed up for WordPress I read a blog about a fiction writing method called the Snowflake Method. After some deliberation I've decided to use this method to write my series of books. Today I've officially started Step 3, which might not seem like a lot of steps but TRUST ME they take a lot of work! I'm very excited to see where this writing journey leads me! I'm also hoping it gives me the courage to publish some of my most private poems in a book one day. Hoping and praying! If there is anyone out there reading this that is willing to be my mentor or give me any tips I'm wide open for all suggestions! Leave your comments and know before you submit them that they are greatly appreciated!

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