New Year, New Company, New Vision

November 29, 2012 0 Comments

In 2010 when my husband and I were still dating, a friend and I came up with a great business idea. Exactly 2 years later, the only business partner that is still around since that first meeting is my husband. It tickles me when I remember the meeting where my business partners voiced their concerns about "And what happens if things don't work out with you two?!!" I laugh even harder when I think about my response and their reaction considering the fact that I was fully prepared, legally, for that concern. However, what always warms my heart about these memories is while my "friends" and "business partners" were doubting my husband, they were the ones that would end up leaving me to struggle alone. Now, 2 years to the date, my husband and I are completely revamping the idea that was born and established. After 2 years of gaining and losing multiple business partners we have an entire new vision, market group, and resources to get us past the goal we've been working toward this entire time! Tonight we will be getting back on schedule with this new company, close out the old company, and begin planning for Colorado and 2013!! It's a little sick how excited I get over putting together meeting minutes, agendas, minute reports, meeting materials, etc. but it drives me! I can't wait for us to get this company off the ground and running and hopefully hire an assistant that gets the same kind of rush and excitement from completing a clerical task. Don't judge me, I can dream can't I?!

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