Pave Your Own Path

November 28, 2012 0 Comments

As November winds down and December marks the end of 2012, it's inevitable that we reflect on everything and everyone 2012 has brought and taken from us. But this year as everyone else concocts their "New Year's Resolution", my husband and I will be planning our move to Colorado. Which we now understand is a necessity; if not for any other reason than to pave our own path. Coming from a family who was a bit more "well off" than most middle class citizens, I've had an interesting release to the world. Now I can see that I was struggling for much more than to be my own person; I was struggling to create my own path in life. Praise God, that the Lord saw fit for me to find a husband and put him in that path. The fact that blows my spirit even more is that while I was pacing this white picket fence around my life planning an escape, my husband was fighting off wolves in an attempt to remain the loving, good-hearted man that he is. And in the midst of loving and losing, trusting and having our hearts broken, we both still had enough love left in us to get us to where we are now. To the Mooney's, our move and plans for 2013 isn't a choice; its more than a necessity, it's a mission for God. We were smart enough to listen to His message when He wanted us to marry and now we realize that the only way we can set the Mooney name back on the right path is to be away from everything we came up around and show our children how these Mooney's have chosen to leave a path for those that will come after us. Our family has become an obsessive priority that might be rubbing people wrong but it's right. I might not be a mother yet but I have every right in the world to do what is necessary to set up a better life for  our family; I will exercise that right. Now I challenge each and everyone that is reading this blog. Instead of making a New Years Resolution make a plan; a plan to pave your own path in 2013.

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