Thanksgiving Madness and New Family Traditions

November 21, 2012 0 Comments

This past year has held many first for my husband and I. Since the day we got married I've felt this strong vibration of force moving in our life that has carried us all the way through to this Thanksgiving. We've had ups and downs just like everyone else but I've felt us evolving individually, as one and spiritually. Our bond has grown so strong we both thought the exact same thing yesterday, "When was the last time we really fought?!" The trending theme throughout my blog has been our want to move to Colorado. That theme is no longer a want but a stepping stone, a goal, an end, and a beginning; like the Bible says "The stone that the builder refuse, will always be the head cornerstone!" Daniel and I have had endless discussions about what we can remember from our upbringing, what memories of our growth stands out in our mind and we've compared them to each other endless times. No matter how different the settings or means to the end are the bottom line is that we've both felt like we didn't belong in our families or felt that we were outcasts. Since we've become one, the attacks on our bond, our relationship, our joint decisions, and our mission have greatly increased. Personally, it reminds me of the time I finally told my parents I was no longer going to be hypocritical by attending church (Catholic) on holidays if' I'm not going to go during the entire year; it set a shock of reality toward the light. Of course, then I had just turned 18 and felt that desire and urge to be my own person and set boundaries for myself. Now, my husband and I have determined that Colorado is where the Lord wants us for the next chapter in our book. The events that have led up to all the drama that is brewing in every corner of our different families is ridiculous! We've had people tell us that we were going to completely dislike Colorado; we LOVED it. We've had people tell us that we're going to be too far from the "family"; we LOVED it. We've had people get upset with us for passing through a state and not calling a million times when they themselves never call us when visiting California; we LOVED it! "Why?", you ask. Because every attack on the positive moves we are trying to make for OUR family means that we are doing something right for Christ. It means that satan's little dominion is shaken because we are a three-headed monster that can not be stopped! People have tried to pull rank by throwing around family titles and demanding respect when it hasn't been earned and it's amusing. Amusing that people still view us as a couple as opposed to one person. Something I counseled a married friend about yesterday, that people don't understand about how we have chosen to live our marriage is that we are no longer two people. We are two people joined together by the power of our Lord God and are the strongest strand of twine, just like it says in the Bible! There is no rank higher than husband or wife because we are one and we can not be separated. This Thanksgiving we have decided not to chase down family members to find out who is doing what, where are we getting together, what time, can we make it to this city and back by a certain time, etc. We've told our family for the past 2 years that we need notice, up until this point only a small portion of our family has been kind enough to respect that we have a schedule and plans to make and need advance notice. So that small portion of the family is who we will be spending Thanksgiving with and everyone else will have to learn from their mistakes. Mooney family means business because we are not door mats! We have also decided to celebrate the birth and death of our Lord Jesus on Thanksgiving since we know that, according to the Bible, Jesus was not born on December 25th. So we are making it OUR tradition to celebrate His life and death on a day where everyone is giving thanks for all the things that He has and will provide for us. That's the new Mooney way!

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